trying not to lose my shit right now because i found and purchased an ebay listing that included the bright eyes box set (collection of songs 95-97, letting off of happiness, every day and every night, fevers and mirrors, don’t be frightened of turning the page) and there is no beginning to this story, lifted, one jug of wine, i’m wide awake it’s morning, and digital ash for less than what you usually see the box set going for.

i’ve been holding off on buying any of the bright eyes repressings because i wanted to find it used, i found digital ash and then went to a show and accidentally left it against the stage never to be seen again. all of these are the original pressings, lightly used and in amazing shape. 

i almost won a box set last weekend on ebay but was outbid. this is so amazing, i feel like sobbing/screaming/ect. it’s estimated to get here on my birthday. ;~;