instead of actually getting ready i’m going to make a post about the things i’m going to do because i’m not quite motivated to get up yet. 

i’m finally going to go into work, so i can be put on the next schedule. i’m going to request the days off for a friend to come in and then to go to st louis for a couple of days. i also want coffee, which is why i’ve decided to go back to begin with. 

i then have to go pick my car up, go get the oil changed and then head downtown to pick up everyone coming to new york. we’re coming home for a few hours afterwards so everyone can nap and rest as needed and then we’re hitting the road tonight. 

i still haven’t even packed. lord. 

this girl is getting anonymous hate for seeing steel train 36 times before this last show in ny and i am so baffled and annoyed with people in general. holy hell, people can see a band as much as they want to if they’re able. i don’t like using the term ‘haters’ but that really is what is happening here. 

in other news, it seems as though everyone has tickets to see steel train, which means in january we’re taking a roadtrip up to ny! i’m so excited. 

well, a lot happened in a span of about 15 minutes yesterday- apparently i’m going to be seeing david letterman when i’m in new york and blink dropped off of bamboozle and mcr is taking their place, so i’m going. it’s nice, because i really am worried they’ll cease being a band at any moment so seeing them as much as possible seems logical. i’m very excited about new york, needless to say.