in other news

i had a wonderful time at home this last week and it was followed just after with a little road trip with my friend emma from nashville, to atlanta and then back up to chicago. empires were great as usual, i very much enjoyed not only traveling with someone as low maintenance and food crazed as i am but also catching up with some old friends (kathrine and jen) and meeting a few new ones.

i’ve got to work the next two days and then i’m off to saint louis to retrieve my boy, see empires again, catch a show that a friend of mine organized and then head back up in time to see company of thieves play hard rock.

and now that i’m back in the realm of social networking, protip:

don’t expect me to treat you like a decent human being if you’re being exceptionally indecent in public and i’m not being paid to keep my ‘attitude’ in check. i deal with enough shit at work that if i’m at a show i paid money to see, i’m not going to force myself to be nice to you when you’re being an annoying bitch.

i have no idea who even left that comment in my ask but i can guarantee you that if i am outwardly rude/bitchy to you, it’s not without warrant.

though i’ve extended my apology recently for my absence, i suppose i’ll offer it again. 

i’ve been working pretty non stop since i got back from st louis, today is my first day off, one i’m spending cleaning and preparing for my boys arrival later tonight. 

i’d like to think i’ll get back to regularly blogging soon, but who really knows. i have pictures from empires acoustic set on record store day from forever ago, and the deer tick show in stl to go through, and i haven’t bothered with either. they’ll get out eventually, i guess.

the only other update i can really think to share is the fact i’ve caught up completely with true blood, hope i don’t try to watch it week to week after the 10th, and i worked 13 hours yesterday.

i doubt any of this is relevant at all, i’m just taking a break from trying to get my room in order.