do i know anyone around tupelo, ms; birmingham, al; atlanta, ga; or nashville, tn that would be interested in a free photo shoot with yours truly? 

i’m home in mississippi for a little bit and i’m itching to do some southern traveling- bonus would be getting to photograph some people while i’m at it! 

i’m also interested in setting up shoots closer towards the end of the month in st louis, mo and chicago! 

i usually just shoot concerts- but i’m getting back into portrait work! here’s my flickr, the only place i really have my portraits up at this point! 

in other news, look forward to pictures from: 
cute is what we aim for 
twloha heavy & light tour (now, now, aaron gillespie, bryce avary, and jon foreman) 
charlie brown exhibit at the museum of science and industry (a few) 
chicago auto show (the largest auto show in the us taking place in the biggest convention center in the us) 
2 bad books/front bottoms shows 

i also have photos somewhere from when i saw william beckett and bryce avary but i can’t find the memory card, photos from an architecture tour i took in chicago over the summer and a few photos from new york. 

i also have some folders of already edited photos and some ready to edit from the last few months of divine fits, company of thieves, empires (like a few shows), mark rose and conor oberst.

wow i really suck at this?