well, a lot happened in a span of about 15 minutes yesterday- apparently i’m going to be seeing david letterman when i’m in new york and blink dropped off of bamboozle and mcr is taking their place, so i’m going. it’s nice, because i really am worried they’ll cease being a band at any moment so seeing them as much as possible seems logical. i’m very excited about new york, needless to say. 

i fell asleep at 7:30 pm after stuffing myself with some of the best pizza i’ve ever had and reading some of ‘no one belongs here more than you.’ considering i had only slept less than two hours in the last couple of days, i guess that was warranted. i woke up at 12:30 am est and have been up ever since.

we’re planning on hitting up williamsburg tomorrow for some thrifting and overall ‘hipster’ goodness and other than that we don’t have a ton of set plans. i’d love to find some secondhand bookstores and honestly any/all recommendations on what to do in the city itself are more than welcomed. none of us on the trip have anything too solid in mind but we’d love to see and experience as much as possible while we’re here. 

i suppose i could recap some of the day and even though i rarely do this i don’t currently have an outlet for my daily rambles (and i’m still wide awake) so i guess i’ll briefly go over most of my day here. feel free to to skip over this post. 

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