in other news, look forward to pictures from: 
cute is what we aim for 
twloha heavy & light tour (now, now, aaron gillespie, bryce avary, and jon foreman) 
charlie brown exhibit at the museum of science and industry (a few) 
chicago auto show (the largest auto show in the us taking place in the biggest convention center in the us) 
2 bad books/front bottoms shows 

i also have photos somewhere from when i saw william beckett and bryce avary but i can’t find the memory card, photos from an architecture tour i took in chicago over the summer and a few photos from new york. 

i also have some folders of already edited photos and some ready to edit from the last few months of divine fits, company of thieves, empires (like a few shows), mark rose and conor oberst.

wow i really suck at this? 

instead of actually getting ready i’m going to make a post about the things i’m going to do because i’m not quite motivated to get up yet. 

i’m finally going to go into work, so i can be put on the next schedule. i’m going to request the days off for a friend to come in and then to go to st louis for a couple of days. i also want coffee, which is why i’ve decided to go back to begin with. 

i then have to go pick my car up, go get the oil changed and then head downtown to pick up everyone coming to new york. we’re coming home for a few hours afterwards so everyone can nap and rest as needed and then we’re hitting the road tonight. 

i still haven’t even packed. lord. 

it’s been a long year and a half in chicago, i’ve been in and out of school, working constantly, given some awesome opportunities and most importantly, met some really amazing people.

but i haven’t been my happiest. i had a lot of high hopes for living there but honestly, it hasn’t panned out all the ways i had imagined. i haven’t been able to stay in school happily for any time at all, i hardly leave the house and i’m far from honing in on all the opportunities the city has to offer me. i’ve gained so much weight and that’s just driving me further into the ground. not to mention my grandparents are getting old and i want to spend as much time with them before they pass or end up senile as i can.

i withdrew from school this morning. it was a hard decision, but i need to be closer to home. and when i’m forced to get my own place, the amount of money i’ll be spending on that just isn’t worth it to me. i haven’t quite decided where exactly i’ll go yet, or where i’ll go to school but over the summer i think i’ll be moving from chicago unless something changes.

i know it doesn’t make sense to drop from school and not move home immediately but i have a few more months in my current living situation and since i don’t know how my future work situation will be, i think i’ll stick it out to save up some cash and pay off my credit cards. i just haven’t liked uic at all this far.

i’m not sure where my future will lead me, but for right now i don’t think i’m meant to be in chicago. later down the road maybe, but for now, i’m thinking home after the summer is the right place for me.